St. 225, 221, & 227 were alerted for an odor of gas in air. 221 Chief arrived on scene assumining Command and reporting an active gas leak from an abandoned service line from a previously burned out and demolished structure. Command also requested Dominion Peoples Gas notified for a service tech to respond. Command held the assignment to the Squad, ENG, & SVC, returning 227 and the Medics. A demolition crew was on scene removing the burned out structure and struck the service line that was believed to have been terminated. Crews located Curb Box and used curb key from the Squad to shut gas service off. Dominion Tech arrived on scene and situation was turned over to him and the Demolition Crew. All Fire and EMS Services returned in service.


Command: 221 Chief (Snyder)
Units: 221SQ & 221CH,225EN & SVC,3392,227