St. 221, 222RQ & 227RQ were alerted for a reported PIC w/ Entrapment. 221 Squad with a crew of 6 arrived on scene with 222 Chief. 221 Chief assumned Blackadore Command reporting 1 car partially on its side with 1 male still in vehicle. Crews stabilized the vehicle using step chocks, wedges, 2×4, and 4×4 cribbing. Crew made entry and applied a c collar to the male, the patient was then extricated to a LBB, CID, and Straps. Crews began patient assesment and handed the patient off to the arriving M318 unit. Crews then cleaned up debris an applied a small amount of oil dry. 222 & 227 units arrived on scene and staged in there vehicles. Command cleared all units in service.


221 Squad, 221 Service, 222 Rescue, 227 Rescue, 222 Chief