St. 221, 225, 222, 227TK & 102 RIT were alerted for a possible structure fire, caller reporting a fire in basement wall. 221 Wagon arrived on scene reporting nothing showing and a hydrant at the intersection of Ross & E. Lemington. Wagon crew made entry to basement and located a fire in the wall around a faux fireplace. Crews used NY Hooks to open up and located a fire smoldering behind the wall covering. Crews utilized a Water Can to extinguish the fire. 221 Chief arrived on scene and assumned Ross Command and was given report from the Capt. 221 LT arrived and assumned interior ops and requested venitlation. Utilities were requested as well as the County FM. The RIT arrived and staged with 222 EN at the Hydrant. Command held the RIT crew in there truck and released them as soon as the fire was determined out. Crews determined no utilities were needed and released them. FM arrived on scene and while investigating found some serious electrical violations. Command requested the PH Code Officer to the scene. All extinguishment, ventilation, and investigation was complete and all units returned in service.

221 Wagon, Squad, SVC, Chief & Deputy; 225ENG; 222ENG; 227TK; 102 RIT

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