Squad 221 was alerted to assist the Police already on scene with a 4# Tea Cup Poodle with her right rear paw entagled in the drain catch of a kitchen sink. Police already had removed the drain from the sink and were able to cut out the catch from the drain. They were unable to remove the drain catch any further. The Rescue Squad Crew arrived on scene and requested a Dremel Tool. The Chief retrieved his from home and responded. With the assistance of the Penn Hills Police, Penn Hills Emergency Services, and the Rescue Squad we were able to free Sadie the Tea Cup Poodle from her prediciment. Crews checked the lil pup for any injuries and advised the owner to have her checked at a local vet. The owner and her neighbors were more than excited that the emergency crews were able to free her beloved pet. The owner requested we all pose for a picture with her and her Sadie. Shortly after all crews returned in service.

221 Squad, 221 Chief