St. 221 was alerted for a Transformer Fire. 221 Wagon went enroute with 3. Crew arrived in area investigating. Wagon Crew located a downed high tension wire between the poles laying across 2 driveways in the yards. Wagon Crew requested Duq Light and PD to assist shutting traffic down. In the process 4 Middle School Children missed there bus by not being able to pass the wire to get to there stop, the children attempted to catch a different bus to no avail. Duq Light arrived on scene at 0758 and released the FD with PD still assisting. 221 Wagon transported the 4 children to Linton Middle School so they would not miss class. Transport was complete at 0815. 221 Chief spoke to the principal and advised him of the situation. The children reported to class a few minutes late but were excused. All units returned in service.

221 Wagon