Monday, March 16, 1981 was a very sad day for the Penn Hills Fire Departments. John G. Heidish Jr. lost his life In the Line of Duty during a residential structure fire on Chaske St. John became the first Penn Hills Firefighter LODD. John was only 20 years old, he was a great guy and he loved the fire department and being a fireman. There are some things you just never forget, and John G Heidish Jr. will never be forgotten. This young man gave his life to protect his community, and is a hero in all our eyes. As for the other two firemen that were injured that day you are both heroes in my eyes.

Its been 35 years and still a day does not go by that your brother firefighters don’t think of you. Rest In Peace John who Answered his Final Alarm 3/16/1981


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