St. 221 & 222 were alerted for a 3 Vehicle PIC with Hazards and possible fire. 221 Squad went in service followed by the Chief and 222 RQ. 221 Squad Crew arrived on scene finding 3 vehicles head on style crash with at least 1 injury and 1 fully involved vehicle fire. Squad Crew pulled 1.75″ preconnect and went to work extinguishing the fire. 222 RQ arrived on scene and assisted the Squad Crew. The Chief arrived and assumned Lincoln Road Command. 222 Engine arrived and prepared to transfer water to the Squad. 221 Wagon arrived on scene from the opposite direction and stood by. Crews extinguished the fire and cleaned up the road way. All units returned in service.


Command: 221 Chief (Snyder)
Operations: 221 Capt (Whalen)
Units: 221 Squad, 221 Wagon, 221 Chief, 222 RQ & EN