St. 221, 222RQ, and 227RQ were alerted for a PIC w/ Injury and Hazards. Crews were advised that there was at least 1 vehicle into a structure. 3392 arrived on scene reporting 3 vehicles involved, 1 vehicle moderate damage still on the roadway, and 2 vehicles in a yard with moderate damage. All parties were out of the vehicles and speaking to police or EMS. 221 Chief held the assignment to 221 and 222RQ and returned the others. Crews disconnected the horn on 1 vehicle and checked for any hazards. The vehicles never struck any structures and there was a very minor fluid leak in the gravel driveway. Crews stood by till 3394 removed all vehicles. All units returned in service.

221 Chief, 221 SVC, 222 RQ, 227 RQ